Get to Know Us



A few years ago, while in Japan for a conference, we decided to try our hand at a few UFO catcher machines while taking in the sights in Akihabara. We may have lost a bunch of yen trying to win, but we left the arcade inspired by many of the prizes we were *this close* to winning! Super cute and super squishy, like Mochi (a Japanese rice cake dessert that's squishy and delicious!) were our starting points, and from there we thought about what else we could do to make these special. After many rounds of design drafts, samples, and tinkering, the Mochibi we know and love today were born!



 Infinifan truly is for fans, by fans- we are our own target audience. We get excited about working with brands and characters we love, and strive to put exciting and unique products out into world and into your hands! You may have seen us on the floor (in cosplay, of course) at the last convention you went to, or at the best con after party in town. We wear our nerd hearts on our sleeves, and infuse our passion for these fandoms into everything we do.