Welcome to the Mochibi online store!

Welcome to the Mochibi online store!

Greetings, Mochibi Fans!

Welcome to our brand-spankin’ new website and hub for all things Mochibi!

Over the past year or so it’s become very clear- you love Mochibi just as much as we do! Your instagram posts, pictures, and videos are amazing, and we love chatting with you at conventions, after parties, and over social media. Any time we see a new pic or post we immediately tell each other and geek out over it. You guys come up with some hilarious stuff XD

We wanted to create a space for not just all things Mochibi, but all things Mochibi fandom! We want to share more photos, videos, news, activity sheets (you have been doing them, right?), and whatever other fun things we can think of. This website will be your one stop shop for information and we’ll even be able to offer Mochibi in our shop, including Infinifan exclusives!

We’re SUPER excited about this launch and can’t wait to bring you even more Mochibi goodness! It is our goal to bring you fun, smile-inducing content, and we are especially looking forward to seeing more of your creativity and fun Mochibi hijinks in the future!



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