An Important Pre-Order Shipping Update

An Important Pre-Order Shipping Update

We are extremely happy to share that most of the My Hero Academia series 3, Persona 5 Morgana, and Attack on Titan series 1 Mochibi have finally shipped and are on their way to our warehouse! This shipment is scheduled to land by early December. Once we receive word that the cargo is in port and through customs, we will update everyone again. When it finally reaches our warehouse we will fulfill all outstanding pre-orders as quickly as possible.

There are a few styles that are not in this shipment: Attack on Titan Cleaning Levi, Colossal Titan, and My Hero Academia Mirio Togata. If your order contains one of these styles we are going to ship all other items in your order. We know the delay has been frustrating, and we do not want you to wait any longer on any in stock items. Once we receive an update on the status of these 3 styles we will let everyone know.

The shipment will also contain restocks for several popular characters like Dabi and Bakugo. If you ordered one of these characters and are still waiting on them, you will be receiving them soon!

We'd like to apologize again for the delay and thank you for your patience and understanding!


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